Bingchuan Network adopts the business strategy of integrated research and operation and cooperates with CPs in various forms.

Relying on strong development and publishing capabilities, we have become a leading game developer and publisher in China.

The company has owned a variety of PC and mobile game products with profound R&D and operation experience in MMORPG and Idle Card games.

Expedition OL and X-HERO have become exemplary products in their category in terms of innovation and creativity.


In the future, the company will continue to strengthen efforts on the gameplay of MMO and card games, while seeking breakthroughs in SLG, leisure and competitive categories.

  • 2008

    Found of Bingchuan Network
    Kick-off of Expedition OL

    Bingchuan Network was founded and it's first Nation War MMORPG Expedition OL kicked off.

  • 2010

    OBT of Expedition OL

    Peaked at 200,000 online players on the first day release and received "Annual New Online Game Award".

  • 2013

    CBT of Dragon Warrior

    On the first day, 20 servers have reached their limits with over 120,000+ Peak Concurrent Users.

  • 2016

    Bingchuan was listed

    Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

  • 2018

    OBT of Expedition

    News and reviews were quickly swept through all media channels and the game has become the Top 1 app in various charts.

  • 2019

    Releasing of Dragon Warrior

    The Chinese domestic version of Dragon Warrior Mobile was officially released, opening up the market of martial arts mobile games.

  • 2020

    Release of Expedition 2

    With the endorsement of Zhao Wenzhuo, Expedition 2 Mobile debuted on all platforms.

  • 2022

    X-HERO dominated all app

    Top 1 free Idle Card Game in mobile app stores in 25 countries, Top 10 in 44 countries and regions, and No.1 free app in the US App Store.

  • 2022

    Hero Clash dominated the free app category

    With an estimation of over 100,000 downloads within 10 days, Hero Clash came in the top 2 in the free games category in the App Store (China) for 11 consecutive days.

  • Win-win Situation

    Give full play to our advantages and
    complement each other with resources
    to reach a result of 1+1>2.

  • Trust in Sincerity

    Collaborate on the basis of sincerity.
    Build a strong trustworthy relationship.

  • Growth and Sharing

    Increase the market share by reaching
    out to more target audiences to share
    customer values.

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